The Grassroots Jedi Movement

We are a very special guild - A sanctuary for international online gamers who outside the realm of virtual cataclysmic adventures are in real life peaceful people who never believed in war, invasions or military occupations.


If you stand for peace in real life, and wish to play alongside others with similar virtues in the galactic realm of Star Wars: The Old Republic, this is your Guild.

How does that work in a virtual world with a back drop of constant war? A little like the way it works in the real world. Star Wars TOR, unlike any other MMO, is the first of its kind with the biggest story line in gaming history. It’s not the classic good vs evil. It’s more similar to real life, where villains and heroes/sheroes exist on both sides. Our unique anti-war perspective has a place in the MMO/RPG experience of SWTOR where you will find those who stand for good among the Empire, and even fallen Jedi within Republic ranks manipulating the gateways to war. There are guilds living up to that already. Just like on Earth, the Galaxy in SWTOR is being ripped apart by war. We will arise to support those stuck in the middle, those unable to defend themselves, or fight back. We will also engage all Sith who threaten the innocent, even within the ranks of the Republic, with whom we are aligned. Either way we look, our light will extinguish darkness helping the Galaxy see again.


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.”

– Martin Luther King



Underground …

Welcome galactic warrior to the movement. We are the Grassroots Jedi Movement, who awakened through the Force to the consciousness of all sentient beings in peril, amidst a cold war. The force has not just called upon Jedi, but Smugglers and Troopers as well, even those on the inside to serve, all whose peace are threatened. They are the roots of the struggle, the grass we shine light to, for it to flourish with life. Our primary purpose calls for us to serve the People before anything, even the Republic. Outside of the jurisdiction of the Jedi Council and the Republic, we are free to expose the corruption within, and ally with the heroes and sheroes from the most unexpected places of the Galaxy.

Inspiration ...

We believe in democracy, self-determination and the right to serenity. We believe in the freedom to express, to live, to be free. We believe in the right of every sentient to live with the quality of authentic peace, sincere tranquility, free access to knowledge, harmony, and all the essentials of life, as inspired by life's nature and the Force.

Achieving this is the challenge where we find ourselves deep within the horrors of a galactic cold war. Where we are living through physically impossible to imagine destruction, imperial terror, misery, planetary holocausts, space to land bombardments, slavery of planetary systems, mass species wide deceit, political repression, culture genocide, sentient trafficking, political assassinations and kidnappings
 - a dense cloud of darkness imposed not just by the obvious Imperial and Sith enemies but by those who exploit the ravages of war. As servants of the grassroots, inspired by the Jedi code and the guardians of peace, it is our duty, where we find ourselves not just in a position to defend the Republic, but all of those threatened by war and the decisions of the war makers. It is this, that makes us unique from the other blood thirsty guilds.

Coalition ..

It was the Sith Empire who invaded and brought this war to us. That is easy to understand.

Yet, only the Jedi understand the Sith are already among us and we must act to discover the true nature and forces behind this "war". Only can the Smuggler be the deciding factor to turn the tide in a Galaxy divided in turmoil and exploit between Sith and Jedi and the Republic and the Empire. Only can the Trooper give any real sincere hope of survival and ensure self-determination to a galaxy of sentient worlds under fire by an invasion of endless legions of foreign Imperials.

And only a union between the vision of the force connected Jedi, the might of the highly armed and courageous Troopers and the heart of rebellious and humanitarian Smugglers, can we dare stand to safeguard peace, find an end to this war and be the vanguard against galactic imperialism.

Our doors are also open to Gray Jedi, Bounty Hunters and Imperial (double) Agents who wish to serve the forces of good within the confines of the Empire and beyond. Sith and fallen Jedi who infiltrate, will be "brought to Justice" when we find you.

[Please click "recruitment" in our menu and fill out an application. Good luck, and I hope you get in.]

May the Force be with you.